Test/Evaluation Support Equipment

Bio Atomic Force Microscopy
Bio Atomic Force Microscopy
Bio/cell-based Product Group
Charge : Nanobiomaterials
Borrowing amount : 85,000 won/hour
Maker : JPK
Model : NanoWizard Sense
Voucher support status : Yes
  • Available

Principles and Features

This equipment can be used to assess the surface shape based on van der Waals forces acting between the probe and the atoms of the sample. It is used in the analysis of morphological and mechanical characteristics and surface atoms of micro/nano structures, and in surface observations at a high resolution that can externally stimulate cells and molecules.

Main Specifications

1. scan range: 100 x 100 x 15um
2. resolution: atomic lattice resolution (<0.030nm)
3. scanning rate: > 70Hz (Line)
4. scanning time: > 3sec/image

Application Field

It is used to confirm the interaction between microdevices or microparticles and cells in real time, or to identify the basis for incorporation of intracellular nanoparticles.
It can be used for observation of surface phenomena in high-tech fields such as semiconductor, mining and bio materials.