Test/Evaluation Support Equipment

Bio/cell-based Product Group
Charge : Bio-Medical
Borrowing amount : 4,000 won/hour
Maker : Thermo Fisher Scientific
Model : Slimpliamp
Voucher support status : No
  • Available

Principles and Features

*A device for artificially amplifying the nucleic acids using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique
* Establishment of the PCR conditions by three independent temperature controls and simultaneous analysis of samples under different conditions
* Simultaneous assay of three different annealing temperatures
* 8-inch touchscreen
* USB storage device capable of storing 800 pieces of data
* Pre-programmed method
* A smartphone app for monitoring of the experiment
* Simulation mode

Main Specifications

0.2 ml tube or 96 well tube plate block, 4~99.9 ℃ (unit: 0.1℃), Mupid-2plus, 2 Sets

Application Field

It is used to selectively copy a specific DNA fragment from an organism inside a test tube and amplify it millions of times to search for and study the gene in question within a short period of time. This is equipment for basic research, and it can also be used in genetic analysis for making robots based on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or manufacture of recombinant genes.