Preclinical/Clinical Support Equipment

Endoscopy Simulator
Endoscopy Simulator
Mechanical & Electromagnetic Product Group
Charge : Multiscale-Actuator
Borrowing amount : 4,000 won/hour
Maker : Koken
Model : LM103/107
Voucher support status : No
  • Available

Principles and Features

It is possible to run simulations of endoscopic procedures in an environment that is similar to that of reality. It can also be used to continually provide an optimum experimental environment for performance verification of medical devices including endoscopes and medical robots.

Main Specifications

1. Upper GI endoscopy simulator
- Length: 27cm, Width: 80cm, Height: 29cm, Weight: 8kg
- Components: Stomach model, half of the head, main body of the head, hypopharyngeal part, esophagus part, duodenum part, nasal septum (left and right), mock polyp

2. Colonoscopy simulator
- Length: 33cm, Width: 46cm, Height: 21cm, Weight: 2.9kg
- Components: Main body, mock polyp (for observation), mock polyp pad, dressing table

Application Field

- Used as a simulator for testing and evaluating microrobots and medical devices for the treatment of the digestive system
 - Verification of performance of medical devices for the treatment of the digestive system